Quiet Time and Psalm 23

This week we began our discussion time with an explanation of what my quiet time looks like.  I explained that my quiet times have looked very different at different times in my life.  They always begin with a prayer, sometimes very brief, asking God to open my ears and my heart to what He has to say.  From there it includes reading or listening to the Bible and asking God what He wants me to do for the day.

I had each of the students read Psalm 23 to themselves for a few minutes and then we came back together to discuss what stood out to us. We discussed what that showed us about God and how we should relate to Him.  The challenge for this week is to read and meditate on one chapter of John each day.  The students were encouraged to journal their thoughts and prayers as well. I’m really looking forward to meeting again with you ladies next week!

-Stephanie Baker

Question Lend to Great Discussion

Q&A Sunday brought great discussion for our beauty groups. Olivia could not join us this Sunday, so thank you Heather for filling in! Some of the questions discussed were:

  • What does Philippians 4:13 mean?
  • Do we have God given talents and gifts?
  • Can everyone receive salvation?
  • Is Halloween OK to celebrate? What about dressing up as satan or a witch?
  • Did God create satan?

We opened our Bibles to find the answers and we were all over Scripture. We looked at Genesis 3:1, Psalm 139, 1 Corinthians 10:31, 1 Corinthians 12, Romans 10, and more!

We also had a very good discussion over Proverbs 31 during the 9:30 group. If anyone was up-to-date with the challenge from Karlye and Ashley, Tuesday, 10/31 was the final day in Proverbs and it concluded with the “Proverbs 31 woman” passage. We learned that she diligently planned, worked and provided for her family with delight as we see in verse 13. If you have not read Proverbs 31, I highly encourage you to!

I also had the great privilege of introducing two of my friends as the beauty group leaders for the next 3 weeks: Heather Wilson and Stephanie Baker. Heather challenged the girls to continue having a daily quiet time. She also asked the girls to think about their favorite worship song and take the lyrics from the song and turn them into a prayer. You can write them down, say them quietly or out loud to God, or both! The main point is to pray! I know you will enjoy meeting with them and they will love spending time with you lovely ladies in The Word of God!

Q&A’s Happen for a Reason

This was my third week of Strength and Beauty, so it was time for the Q&A. During the 9:30am hour we began by discussing the scriptural relevance of God forming Eve out of the rib of Adam. Eventually, this led to an analyzation of the commonly used phrase, “Everything happens for a reason.” Here, we looked at passages like Jeremiah 7:31, that clearly demonstrate that not everything that happens occurs because God wanted it to happen. However, Romans 8:28 was also cited to show how God will still use all things to ultimately bring about His good purpose.
The 11am discussion began with a question about Jesus’ appearance. We opened the Scriptures to Isaiah 53:1-2, and read about how Jesus was most likely not a very attractive person, contrary to the way He is normally portrayed. This led to a conversation about how we often try to create a god in our own image, which can cause us to try to twist or suppress certain commands of Jesus that we find difficult. Our time came to a close with a discussion about Genesis 3, the unhealthy ways we try to manage shame, and how God’s provision of animal skins for Adam and Eve is a shadow of what Jesus would do for us on the cross.

Hurdles to Overcome

This week the students shared what God had showed them in their quiet times. I had a couple guys in my group that were excited to share what they had read. I also had a few guys that said they had struggled to read their Bibles this week.

This was a great opportunity for each of them to discuss some of the hurdles they faced that hindered them from doing so. Then each of the students shared some ideas of what can be done to overcome those hurdles. It’s nice to see how these young men are growing and helping each other grow from week to week.

Sharing Your Quiet Times

Hey ladies!

Kelsey and I enjoyed another fun Sunday with you all! Last Sunday we discussed what Kelsey’s and my quiet times looked like, so this week we asked about what each your quiet times looked like. You all were great in sharing what your daily time with the Lord looks like and what verses have stuck out to you over the past week.

This week, we asked to you guys to continue your daily quiet times! If you are doing the Proverbs-a-day challenge, we are finishing that up this week, if not we asked you to read Proverbs 31 before next Sunday so we can talk about it!

Our challenge for you all this week is to bring a question (or multiple) to the Q&A session on Sunday! I unfortunately won’t be there this Sunday, but Kelsey will enjoy answering everyone’s questions!

How God Speaks 

The focus of this week’s Strength and Beauty revolved around the students’ quiet times. Several of them shared the various ways they spent time with God in prayer throughout the week. Others talked about the impact the devotional time they spend with their parents in the Word each day has on them.

Additionally, we discussed the various ways the Bible says God speaks to us, specifically as written in Psalm 19. The students spoke about how nature reveals the glory of God, and how the dying/rising themes seen in creation demonstrate God’s handiwork in reminding us of the gospel.

To prepare the students for the open Q&A next week, I reminded them of Psalm 145:18, that God is near to those who call on Him in truth. I encouraged them to be sincere with their questions, and like the Psalmists, to earnestly seek God throughout the week.

Quiet Times and Favorite Verse

Welcome to this next session of Strength and Beauty! Olivia and I enjoyed our first week leading such a wonderful group of young ladies.

We both shared what our quiet times look like and how our time with The Lord has shaped us into who we are today. We also took this opportunity to share our favorite Bible verses and explain why we love them so much.

We love that some of you girls also shared your favorite verses as well! We read verses found all throughout The Bible, including passages in: Ephesians, Galatians, 2 Kings, and Jeremiah.

This week, we have challenged everyone to keep spending time daily with God. You can continue reading in Proverbs (through chapter 29) or you can read a different book. The main thing is to read from The Bible every day!

Our new challenge is to bring one (or a couple) verses from a quiet time this week to share with the group on Sunday! I’m excited to hear all the different verses that will be shared!

Letting Jesus Lead

Since I am relatively new to The Brook, I began the first week of Strength and Beauty by sharing a bit of my testimony with the students. I described not only what led me to become a Christian, but also the way that Jesus has been steadily shaping my worldview since I gave my life to Him. That second aspect of my testimony became the springboard for the majority of the discussion.

I told the students that though my approach toward my quiet time changes, over the last couple of weeks it has involved beginning to memorize 1 Peter. However, the more important issue I expressed was that by approaching the book this way, God has been revealing to me the way Peter consistently quotes and reaffirms the words of Jesus. We discussed how this only makes sense, given that Jesus said in Luke 6:40 that a student is not above his teacher, but everyone who is fully trained will be like his teacher.

Finally, we talked about how we are always discipling others and we are always being discipled by someone, so we need to make sure that we are choosing to be a disciple of Jesus so those who are following us will be learning to follow Him as well. And as a point of application, I encouraged the students who don’t have a regular quiet time to read or listen to one of the Gospels all the way through this week, making notes about what stood out to them so we can talk about those things next Sunday.

The Evolution of Quiet Time

This week we talked about what a quiet time means to me and what my current quiet time looks like. After I walked them through a day in the life of Weave’s quiet time, I explained to them that it will change.

I used to have worship music playing while I read my Bible, but  because of my love for music and singing, I found my quiet time turning into just a worship session.  So then I tried having just the instrumental music for the worship songs playing when I read my Bible, but I would still recognize the song, start singing along, and thus again a worship session begins.  So over the year I have figured out my quiet time has to be quiet in order for me to focus.

After explaining that, a few of the students offered up what their current quiet time looks like, and that opened up some great discussion.

What About Dinosaurs? 

The best part about Q&A in a discipleship group is the moment right after that pregnant pause when someone breaks the silence and asks a question. 

What about dinosaurs, creation, and the theory of evolution? 

A beautiful question that took us all over the Bible. Beginning in Genesis with creation, seeing clearly that God created everything and created a full grow man, not an evolution of a man. Then looking at the descriptions of the behemoth and leviathan in Job 40 & 41, we see evidence of something dinosaur like. Crazy that’s in the Bible! 

It was a really cool journey we went on this past Sunday. It’s always best when we talk through topics the students are interested in. 

I look forward to the next time I get with these students. It’s an awesome opportunity to pour into this next generation.