Belief That Saves

We had several good questions this week during Q&A. The one that stuck out the most was the question,  “What must we do to be saved?”.  We looked at the idea that simply believing in God is not the same type of belief that the Bible talks about. The Bible talks refers to a trusting, loving, relationship with Jesus as our Lord and Savior, not just simply believing that He exists.

I enjoyed spending time with everyone the last three weeks and can’t wait to hear about what y’all learn from Paul! 

Delighting in Jesus

It was great to see everyone again this week.

We talked about God’s will for our lives and looked at Psalm 37:4 and Romans 12:1. We compared it to a loving parent who delights in sacrificing for their child. We don’t often equate suffering for Jesus with delighting in Him, but we willingly sacrifice our resources for the people and things we delight in.

I challenged all the students to find a way to delight in their time with the Lord rather than treating it like it’s a chore. I can’t wait to hear about how this impacts everyone’s time with the Lord this Sunday. 

Trust Jesus Through Trials

This week we discussed James 1:2-4. We will all have hard times and loss in this life, but the question is, will we hold fast to Jesus through them?

When we blame Jesus or turn our back on Him, we rob Jesus the ability to prove Himself faithful to us. Similar to a student running away from home and blaming their future hardships on their parents after the student ran from the care and protection.

We need to stick close to Jesus and see that He is faithful so that we can become even more trusting and steadfast in Him. I am looking forward to seeing all of the students again this week and hearing from them.

The Source of Wisdom

I was excited about the great questions students asked this week and that several students rose to the challenge of having a daily time with the Lord.

This week we discussed wisdom. To find out what wisdom is we turned to James 3:12-18. We talked about where we get our wisdom and that any wisdom outside of God and His Word is from the enemy. We also talked about James 1:5 and that if we lack Godly wisdom, we can ask for it. We pointed back to the importance of having a daily time with the Lord and reading the Bible.

I can’t wait to see what the students bring this week to our Q&A session on Sunday!

My Time With The Lord

In our group I reviewed how I approach my time with the Lord. I like to keep it at the same time every day so it’s easier to plan for and it never get pushed to the side. I start my mornings with prayer, confessing my sin, and asking the Lord to teach me. Then I read through a passage of scripture 2-3 times and search for what the Lord is saying to me. I try to find a verse or two that I can then directly apply to my life and put into practice.

We also went over what it means to find our identity as a child of God by looking at Psalm 139. We are not an accident. God designed each of us with a unique purpose and we are part of God’s family once we follow Jesus. Then we looked at Matthew 22:37-39 as our summary of how we should identify ourselves in this family by loving God and loving people.