The Temptations We Face

Cat poop in brownies?! Thank goodness it was just a metaphor and wasn’t true. Karlye and I had so much fun talking with the students about what we consume via social media, movies, songs, books, etc.

We looked at James 1:12-16 and found that we are not tempted by God but by our own desires. When we give in to our desires (our sinful nature) we begin heading down a slippery slope that, if we continued to follow, would lead to death. This is the reason it’s important to stay focused on the path God has before us, the righteous path.

It was amazing to me how much the students were aware of what causes the slow fade within us. We talked about friendships and the difficulties of saying “no” when so many are saying “yes.”

It was a great weekend and such an important lesson in today’s world!

Have a great week!


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