Being Like A Sponge

This week in On Mission Prep we looked at what it means to be ‘On Mission’. We discussed how being On Mission really begins with investing in ourselves as believers so that we can impact the lives of others. One thing I mentioned to the students was that you can’t give someone what you don’t have yourself. In regard to sharing the gospel with others, we talked about how you can’t share an authentic experience with others if you don’t have a personal and intimate relationship with Christ yourself.

We looked at Isaiah 9:6-7 and Luke 1:30-31 which prophesied Jesus Christ and what His ministry would be during His lifetime. We also compared it to what the Bible has to say about believers and what our ministry could look like during our lifetime. This comparison was made so that the students could see that just as Christ’s ministry was prophesied, so also we as believers have the Bible that teaches us what we ought to be doing for God with our lives. We even looked at how Jesus Christ Himself prayed for us as believers today as we are On Mission (John 17:20-22).

I used the analogy of being like a sponge for God. I poured water into the sponge while the students read several verses aloud. As I was pouring, we talked about how we can apply these verses to our lives. I mentioned that as I poured the water on the sponge(which represented the Holy Spirit) there was no difference in the outside appearance of the sponge. It still kept its form and shape, however it was different on the inside. I then squeezed the sponge and the water flowed out of it symbolizing how the Holy Spirit within us should overflow into others as the water did into the container below.

Also, to give the students the practicality of what it looks like to live On Mission, we went through several more verses and discussed how when we do what those verses tell us to do, we become like sponges that absorb the Word of God. By being ‘like a sponge’, we are full of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit within us can drip out of us because we are so full. When the Holy Spirit pours out of us onto others that’s when we can truly live On Mission. I reminded them that you can’t share the love of the Holy Spirit with others if you don’t have the love of God within yourself.

Careem McBean

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