The Game of Questions

I am continuously amazed at how much our students know and how curious they are! These young adults face so much more in life than I did at their age and it’s so important to teach them how to find the answers in Jesus.

What began as a discussion about different topics such as loving our neighbors and who our neighbors are to what our middle names are and what being a light in the world means. I began a series of questions that led our students down a path of discovery. I shared that a light doesn’t need to be super bright to shine if it’s in a dark room.

The conclusion we came to was to be a light, learn to shine bright and share Jesus. I asked the young adults to think about their testimony which we determined is the truth about Jesus in our lives. Then I challenged them to think about why they follow Jesus or why they are not following Him.

It was a great Sunday to walk with our students through this time of discovery, to explore what it means to follow Jesus, and to find answers by asking questions.

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