Some Things are a Mystery

These three weeks went by very quickly! The main topic of discussion this past Sunday for our Bible Q&A was about the Garden of Eden. We looked at Genesis 2:8-14 to give us a clue as to where the garden was located. We see the names of four rivers and located two of those rivers on a map. However, we talked about how we can’t really know the exact location of Eden due to the flood and all the topographical changes that would have taken place during that time. We know there are mysteries here on Earth and we talked about how fun it will be to get to heaven and have the ability to ask God all the questions that have been on our mind.

We also talked about satan and his presence here on earth. We talked about the difference between being possessed by satan and being oppressed by satan. We know that darkness can not overcome light, so as Christians, we know that satan can not possess us because we have the Holy Spirit within. However, we can be oppressed by satan. He wants nothing more than to steal, to kill, and to destroy and he will do that in any way possible. We talked about this being a reason why it is so important to spend time daily with God because it is in those times that our relationship with God is strengthened and we are more able to withstand the temptations that are thrown our way.

I enjoyed spending my Sunday mornings with you ladies these past three weeks and I look forward to being able to do it again. Starting this Sunday, you will get the pleasure of meeting with Karlye Louritt for the next three weeks. I know you will enjoy learning from her!

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