We read 2 Timothy 3:16-17 and someone asked what reproof meant. After discussing the meaning of the word, that lead us into a discussion of the benefits of reading the Bible slowly, thoughtfully, and with the intent of learning something and growing in our Christian walk. If we don’t know for sure what a word means, we should look it up so that we have a full understanding of the scripture. It was great to see that lightbulb moment happen about the thorough examination of scripture in order to get a full understanding of it. 

Diversity in Quiet Times

This service went a little different because there were several students are already doing their own quiet time studies. We had some of the students share about their quiet time experiences from the different scriptures they were reading. Then as a large group we discussed what stood out in those different passages. It was such a blessing to see these students living out what we have been talking about for the last month. 

Praising God in Prayer

After the students spread out and had their quiet times, it seemed that prayer was standing out to several students. We talked about prayer for a while then I had them spread out again and pray for two things. The first thing I had them pray for was the families that don’t have good relationships with each other going into a very family oriented holiday like Christmas. I asked them to be very specific and list out everything they were grateful for. Then I had them pray and give thanks to God for all the many blessings that they have in their lives.

Quiet Time in Practice

Due to the rain, we moved into the Fusion building to meet. Here the students spread throughout the building with the quiet time guide that I gave them and they got some practice having a quiet time.

After about 15-20 minutes we all came back together and discussed what stood out to us in our time with the Lord. Most of the students read the scripture that I provided them, but one student read something different because he is currently studying a different passage in his personal quiet time. He got to share with everyone what he read. 

What a blessing it is to see these students growing in their faith and in their thirst for knowledge of God.