Prayer Walk

Three weeks went by very rapidly.

Our group of young men finished off their third week with me by going on a prayer walk of sorts around the church property. We tried to envision what the relationship was like between Jesus and his disciples as they spent three years together walking, talking, learning and praying with the Son of God.

As a group we stopped several times sharing with one another a little of what we had discussed over the past couple weeks and individually they all shared prayer requests with one another. 

All of them asked in one way or another for continued prayers and for a more consistent quiet time along with prayer for other on-going personal challenges. Someone different within the group prayed each time for the requests shared and committed to praying for them during the week as well.

It was great to see everyone bring their guards down to share with their peers and they all saw from one another a desired accountability and prayer for a deeper more meaningful time with God. We had great talks while we walked and it will be interesting to see God work through them as they grow.

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